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This is how I understand the windining, correct me when I am wrong:
The picture is a topview of the rotor with magnets.
Attach wire to the upper commutator at P1 and wrap magnetic wire 25 times through holes marked P4 and P1 in the picture, do not cut the wire, and wind 25 times (same direction as previous coil) through holes marked P1 and P3.
Do not cut the wire and attach it to lower commutator at the pole exactly opposite to P1. Cut the wire. Total wire resistance should be between 1.2 or 1.6 ohm.
Now start at P2 through holes (25x)P5-P2 attached to holes (25x)P2-P4 attach cable again to lower commutator at the opposing pole to P2 etc.
In total you make five V-shaped (two-pair serial) coils.

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