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Originally Posted by IndianaBoys View Post
It is great to see more successful replications going on.

If someone were to post a quick video of doing the windings, I believe more would join in.

Thanks to all that are contributing to advancing the understanding!

I do see that having a quick video of winding tech. would help a lot more people get this done without frustration and the more replications the more people see this, the faster the world will change.
This reminds me of the 100 monkey story where 100 monkies lived on an island and believed that bananas were not good to eat for monkies. One day a large trunk rolled up on shore and aall the monkies came to see what was inside. After opening and seeing the bananas the elder said that it was a nice box but it was a waste because monkies did not eat bananas. Later that week one small monkey snuck down to the box and tried a banana and liked it so much that he started sneeking down there every day. After a while other young monkies saw what he was doing and told him to stop as monkeys did not eat bananas. He told them to just try one and thay did and liked them. Every few days more and more monkeys found the group and the same thing happened but all were told to mot tell the elders because everybody knows that monkeys dont eat bananas. This went on untill one day there were 50 monkies at the trunk site. Wondering where all the other monkies were the elders followed them to the trunk. Since there were so many monkeys eating bananas, there was little talk befor all the monkieys were eating tha bananas and to this day everyone knows that (monkeys eat bananas).
What this story shows is that the whole of thought will change only when 50% of the people know and are doing it. Replications, Replications, Replications. Build them, show them and teach as many who will learn to make them. Then and only then will all of mankind have it. Untill 50% have it there will be problems as everybody knows that we use AC current and spend our money and health unwisely. Humans do not use Free Energy.
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