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Hello Brad

Originally Posted by b_rads View Post
Hope this is not a stupid guestion? When winding the 2 series poles, is one pole wound and then the complimentary pole or are they wound in a figure 8, winding both poles together? Very exciting and thanks to all who are sharing.
Brad S
Hello Brad,

You just wind it as winding a straight through matter what paths over the core you have to follow...Understand me?
Meaning that a continuous Wire wound will render at start , let's say an N projected toward Stators, and the other side ITS South projected also outwards...
I think that getting distracted from Cores-Poles Config's get you guys confused, so FOCUS on your wires first, and their direction to follow.

The other thing is to MARK YOUR START WIND PRE-CHOSEN COMMUTATOR . Because once you start turning it, it could be a tendency to confusion...


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