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Hello to All

Hello to all,

First let me congratulate Woopy, for His very FAST Replication of the 5 Pole, And the GREAT Video He has Posted here !!

Thanks Woopy great and fast work!

It is a Friday 13th, The day that Woopy killed the first WITCH, over in His Country!!

Ok, the main reason I chose this type of winding, is because it is applicable to most Poles Configurations. Where all you have to do is go [P-1 to P-n] in windings, till you meet the P-1 (Do NOT Overlap on top of P-1 EVER!!

The Secret for this windings (ALL) is the fact that They could NEVER be Opposed to each others as Pairs of Input and Pairs of Output touching both the same Commutator Elements at same time at 180 Degrees. This will cause Two Opposed Magnetic Fields Interlaced will CANCEL to Zero...So Your Outputs will be very LOW.

Here are some Rendered Images from my future Animated Video...they give Us a much better view of the Assembly, plus seen the wiring in 3D




Regards to All, and thanks for your support!!


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