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Ok I got this thing build. I need glue for the magnets and winding pattern, just a bit of welding for permanent sake. I know you said your bosch motor was 20 poled. Mine are 16 (With 4 magnetic poles and 4 brush's per end) and I am curious as to how to come up with the V pattern in the winding's. And how many windings to use.

Any pointers will help get the job done early tomorrow.

If anybody else is interested and want's good motor to get started with, I used 2 razor scooter motors 300 watt. The commutator comes off with a small black O'ring clip. A slight tap to the shaft releases it.
You have to mill the shaft down a bit in the front of the motor and mill the second back plate that will go on the front. But its all pretty easy if you got a little sense. Happy to fill in the blanks if you need it.

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