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For me, seeing is always believing. You have shared a bunch, and now I need to build the little test motor and see for myself. Since I have several of these it won't be hard at all. I will run a dyno on the motor before and after conversion and see what kind of output I get, how many amps it pulls to turn a fixed load before conversion and how many amps after conversion, and then how many volts and amps input and output. Then I will have my answer.

Volts times amps = watts, which is a measure of power and the WORK something can do. 12 volts in at so many amps is how much the little motor draws to do its work. It runs, and it outputs volts times amps. With no load, if the volts times amps output is the same as the input, we can loop the system, but it doesn't do us any good because there is no load on the motor, so it can do nothing for us except spin. If either of those outputs is greater while the other remains equal, we have something. Or if the output remains the same as the input when you put the motor under load. So far I haven't seen anything that shows me enough information to know if there is really something to this. I sincerely WANT there to be, but l have spent a lot of years and time and money on this stuff, and I look for the things that show me something can do actual work.

I appreciate your quick response, and I will get to work shortly.

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