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Hello Matt

Originally Posted by Matthew Jones View Post
Then Dyno the motor and show current in your readings.... Torque is nominal compared to amp draw.

I did this very same thing 8 years ago with a 42 hp electric motor. We ran a Ford Ranger 2wd. The reason I did not pursue it was the simple fact that the motor use 25% more current and the batts would not hold up. In long run with the weight ratio for the charge and discharge batteries I only had about 5 percent gain in distance from conventional at 2 times the cost.

You have to prove this stuff, not just say "130 years of suppression". And we are not suppressing you because we ask to see the proof. You do that to yourself by not giving it.


Hello Matt,

How are You? ...long time that I did not see you around my threads!
Well, I know you were very busy making great progress in the Three Battery Systems, by the way, great work from You and Dave (Turion)!

I am really sorry to read that you have done the same thing...such a long time ago...and abandon the way, did you see the BOSCH Video?
If you did not, please do...because I am using the smallest battery available for little R/C run a 750 Watts Motor...

Below I leave the link...think will save you some time to search...

20090823173537 - YouTube


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