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Hello Turion

Originally Posted by Turion View Post
I have looked at all the videos and seen what you did with your small RS motor. I have also rebuilt several motors according to Dr. Lindemann's instructions for how to best wire a motor, so I have some experience with this. Two years ago I built something very similar to what you have shown us here, with the help of a friend, and from what I see, what you have appears to be a simple "Buck Boost" circuit.
Buck–boost converter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If it is NOT, the proof would be to compare input voltage AND AMPERAGE with output voltage AND AMPERAGE. If you are getting higher voltage while maintaining the same amperage, you have something. As yet, I have seen nothing in the videos that indicates what the amperage is going into your small motor setup nor what it is producing. I would love to see some video of THAT!! I hope you can prove me WRONG.


Hello Turion,

First let me say...that I admire your perseverance on your thread of the three batteries, I feel great respect for You.

I have posted here for the Members to either "refresh" or learn about...not the Booster Converter, that is just a "Half Way" deal, on How I started my first Thread...BUT, about the SEPIC Converter, which have Dual Inductors at work...However, My Motors-Generators contain those inductors as "Multiple Coils" that are being replaced-disconnected-refreshed, every nano second, plus performing a very strong Mechanical Energy Output...Now this SEPIC Inductors are traveling within the Stators Magnetic Fields, therefore they are "reconditioning and reinforcing their energy" by a continuous Electromagnetic Field Bath...

Turion, by keep pending upon the "Amperage Values" and disregarding the absolutely "Unreal" Torque that this Machines playing the "Game" We all have been exposed to, for over 130 Years, my Friend...This Machines, the SEPIC, the Booster, the Buck converters...and essentially ANY COIL of enameled wire...all work with Radiant Energy...You can't "measure" the Amperage of the wind force...of the Oceans Flow Strength ...of the charged Clouds in our Skies...of the energized atoms that surround her Beauty (RE) a simple standard parameter invented by Mankind...remember that even the "Time" has been invented...

Regards Turion

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