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Originally Posted by Ufopolitics View Post
That wire will work just fine...28 and 30 awg is just a hair away...

Those little motors could be solder with a 30 Watts Iron...but it will take longer to heat the metal to the point of melting the solder, scrape it good to clean it not melt the solder with iron...but try on right next to it but on body of motor metal, till it starts melting...then melt it right on crack area...must put it on a vise...Now, you could use the Q-Bond I mentioned on your magnets thread...that works great. Or any other fast glue like crazy will not be for ever though...

No device could be a self runner just like that Wonza...that you just hook out to in and vuala...sorry...there are more things involved my friend...caps, tronics...delay circuits...etc



Thanks Ufo! That lets me chose which iron to buy.

Sorry, I realize there's a lot more involved, I was just wanting confirmation if it would be possible. So eventually we could all have a device like this in our homes powering all our devices without any outside fuel, just a large battery to store the power that gets generated. I know much work would have to be done to get there, but is something like that possible?

Also, how would this device work being used purely as a generator? E.g. being turned by wind/wave power? I assume you power get power out of both sides?
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