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So I've been playing around with my little motor for the last months but my results are mediocre at best. I didn't manage to find a sweet spot but I tried running it with a variety of resistance settings in the potentiometer. The best case scenario running it with a rechargable 9v 200mAh battery and charging an identical one is this: it will run for 30 minutes, spinning fast at first and steadily slowing down, and charging the battery at about 30%. I discharge the batteries using a 12 computer fan which will run for 60-70 minutes on a fully charged battery. I know that the official design for the monopole energizer is different than what i did and I shouldn't expect the same results. But my specifications are close enough to the school girl science fair motor design (Bedini Motor test) which is supposed to have run for 5 days on the same 9v battery and without the charging battery or the neon bulb to protect the transistor from the flyback voltage spikes. So I tried that and my transistor blew up in 5 minutes. That left me wondering if anyone has built a small motor like mine and had a different experience, perhaps running for a longer period and/or charging the second battery to a higher percentage. Although an interesting experiment I see nothing extraordinary about it ,at least in my setup. So if someone has seen different in his own experiments and can give me some pointers that would be great, because I'm thinking about quitting on this one. Thank you all in advance.
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