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The Witch Commutator!


Thought I would share a few thoughts about removing the commutator – which behaves like the witch! Here’s how I got mine off. Using a knife blade remove all the insulation varnish/resin from the rotor face adjacent to the commutator to be removed. Using a fine saw blade, hold the blade flat against the rotor (where the resin has been removed), and draw the blade over the plastic of the commutator, to make a cut, removing just a blades width of plastic all around the commutator , thus exposing the shaft.

The commutator now needs to be pushed up the shaft to remove it. Make 2 tools using 20mm x 3mm x 60mm aluminium. In the aluminium make a saw cut the width of the shaft and about 10mm long, and camphor the end, so it will fit under the commutator. Using this, and a 5 mm nail against the rotor face, you can lever the commutator upwards. Note mine made quite a sharp snap when initially levered up, thought it had broken, it hadn’t. Use the other tool as packing, when you run out of movement.

Hope that is of some help.


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