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Great Les_K

Originally Posted by Les_K View Post
Ok I have taken the commutator off the sacrificial unit and placed it on the back end of the back end. It was touch and go there for a while. When pressing it back onto the other shaft I flipped the case over and was able to tap the shaft so it went through the bearing hole while the commutator was equalied against the outside of the hole. That worked very nicely without any real force just very gentle taps.

Next step I think will be to cut off the back end of the housing. There are four little dimples around the perimeter and if I understand correctly I should cut just past those. But that will be tomorrows task.....

What a trip!


Hello Les_K,

Did You see my pictures above?...of the 5 pole close up?
There I have pictured almost the whole could see where to cut...I made the video spinning...but transferring, plus putting it all in one track and uploading it is a trip...
Hope I will get to sleep some


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