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Hello Monsieur

Originally Posted by MonsieurM View Post
Ufopolitics thank you for sharing your knowledge .... i have a question .... if it is not out of place .... you mention pair of isolated coils .... would a Smith Coil / Caduceus Coils ... when looked at its form and the way it behaves can they act as a pair of isolated coils .... just wondering

ps: if you are interested : recent docs have been posted on it : Caduceus Winding (Smithcoil) | Paranormalis

Hello MonsieurM,

I looked at, that is some complicated winding...when I said "isolated" I meant not connected to the rest, independent...isolated pairs of coils...they are just connected between them in series and to each commutator segment...and so every one in the system...not internally connected as a whole serial typical Symmetric motors...


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