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Hi ufopolitics, thanks very much for clarifying.
I think I comprehend better now.
This sounds similar to what garry stanley was claiming with his dual rotor air core motor, though the method of reducing induced counter emf briefly was a little different and similar at the same time.
So it is the collapsing magnetic field of the coil that is neutralizing the induced counter emf upon entry into next commutator segment, which allows most of our voltage input to remain intact, for charging of coil to create magnetic field for motor purposes.
And the pyramid-V coil geometry with proper armature/stator geometry allows for this collapsing coil pulse to be in a position to not only naturally neutralize the induced counter emf, but in this case, causes an additive motoring force, whereas without armature/stator magnet geometry, we would only be partially neutralizing the induced counter emf and not have the added motoring effect from the collapsing coil pulse.
Hope my comprehension is closer to the true function, if not, take your time with a response, as I know you are working to share more practical replication information, which is probably more important.
Thanks again for all your sharing.
peace love light
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