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UFOpolitics, Many thanks again for sharing this incredible info. Do take a good long rest and then some. You've earned it. That will give the builders here time to round up some parts and time to put together some good questions.

I've sent a message to a person who I consider to be a master motor builder who has been involved in overunity work for well over a decade. Hopefully he'll join in here. I know he's aware of some of these concepts and has done a lot to bring awareness of coil shorting to collect back emf. I expect he would be one of the first to get a useful replication built based on these ideas if he checks in here.

I like to jump in to something bigger than radio shack toy motors if I think the concept is good and I think this is good to go. Can you recommend a particular motor(s) that would be good to work with and which would have enough power to drive a scooter at least? I think motors with dual commutators are somewhat of a rarity as far as finding them right out of the box aren't they?
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