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The way it works...

Originally Posted by SkyWatcher View Post
Hi folks, Hi ufopolitics, thank you very much for sharing your work.
I comprehend how you have the 5 pole armature coil wound with the 2 stator magnets.
So this arrangement allows more of our input voltage to charge the armature coil to create a magnetic field, instead of the usual symmetrical counter emf loss plus commutator loss, which destroys at least 75% of our input voltage.

What is the percentage of input voltage loss due to counter emf with this pyramid-V coil pair style geometry, or is it more a case that it aids rotation.
I'm still trying to fully comprehend how it either prevents much of the typical clashing of induced counter emf or aids our input voltage.
Gotta go to a birthday party, though later, I am going to draw this on CAD, so I can rotate it and see things better.
I seem to recall, Robert Adams designed an asymmetric design like this also.
Thanks again.
peace love light
Hello Tyson,

Yes you got it right basically...but let me clear some small clouds...

We provide Source to Input, energized Pair of Coils build a "per-conceived" magnetic field that would be immediately attracted repulsed away from original positioning, Coil will disconnect from source, and will travel free...separated from original brush, in this nano will build an opposed magnetic field, therefore an opposed voltage potential (just like the Inductor does at the Booster-SEPIC-Buck Converters, that is why I spent hours building the 3D Graphics of the Inductor part at my, as my Coil in my first an opposed magnetic field provided by Radiant....The "Princess"... . I have much better proof of that fact, coming soon...well not too soon...but coming.
When Coil reverses magnetic polarity, it happens exactly at a point where it will assist rotation...(And here you guys could understand Joe Newman statements, as well as many Free Energy Inventors...that their motors used the C EMF to "assist rotation" which did not make sense to anyone..but I did understand what they meant...

You have to realize that Symmetry creates the Counter Effect, by providing an inverse Input to Source...that is NOT the normal reversing that occurs when Coil is interrupted... or Inductor in a booster circuit board...Symmetry KILLS the Natural Counter Effect, by creating a fake one with Hot electricity...The Natural Radiant Counter Effect will never get out ever...unless we FREE those Coils at least a small portion of the time...

Resuming, We are using the Commutator Switching, just as an Electronic Oscillator Switcher, but mechanically operated...So, Charged Inversely Inductor will travel to "Delivery Brushes"(Output) where We collect it...

You Guys need to get "Familiar" with The way SEPIC Converters work...I could not do it on video because of time... But a SEPIC is a Dual Inductor performs a Charge-Discharge Alternatively of both Inductors...through a Non Polarized Cap between the two Inductor legs connected to output...I have done exactly same connections with my motors...except the Inductors are also performing a Mechanical Rotation (using their swapping magnetic fields)
A CUK Converter is more complicated function and it "inverts the output",so it is NOT a good example for this understanding...

And Yes, We do "Add" and not subtract the Input to Output Values...they are not opposed anymore, but on our side...therefore:

Ea (Input) and (-Ec) (Counter?)..NO MORE, it should be written as Ef (E forward), and have a + sign in front...then it will be:

Ea+Ef=Ev (Effective Armature Voltage)...disregarding R to One Ohm (1.0)

I hope this explanation made it a bit clear...hope so...


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