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Hi folks, Hi ufopolitics, thank you very much for sharing your work.
I comprehend how you have the 5 pole armature coil wound with the 2 stator magnets.
So this arrangement allows more of our input voltage to charge the armature coil to create a magnetic field, instead of the usual symmetrical counter emf loss plus commutator loss, which destroys at least 75% of our input voltage.

What is the percentage of input voltage loss due to counter emf with this pyramid-V coil pair style geometry, or is it more a case that it aids rotation.
I'm still trying to fully comprehend how it either prevents much of the typical clashing of induced counter emf or aids our input voltage.
Gotta go to a birthday party, though later, I am going to draw this on CAD, so I can rotate it and see things better.
I seem to recall, Robert Adams designed an asymmetric design like this also.
Thanks again.
peace love light
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