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Slider and All:
Thanks for the info on the diodes to the base, I'll give it a try, as I still can't get my Exciter to run without heating on 12v. I've been running a single 1n4148 on the base, so I'll try two of them and see what happens.
It will do ok on 4 to 6v, but it's not the voltage that's the problem, its the amps. Is there a way to filter only the amps without dropping the voltage? Actually the voltage does not really matter much on these Exciters, as mine will run even on 1/2 volt.

You almost caught up with me on the number of posts, but I'll never catch up on your number of videos... At least for now I have another camera to use for videos. It works well but has very low volume level. I'll replace the dead battery in my other camera and it will be ok again.
I do hope that more of us will go back to the Exciters, as there is more than just a little more to learn about them. I love it when all of a sudden the leds, or Cfls get very bright, almost bursting. But, heat has been the issue that had kept me from developing that degree of brightness.

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