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Question Some advice for a newbie please.

Hi guys. Im Chris from Argentina, and new to the radiant energy world and to the forum.
I got very excited since I casually landed in the NICOLATESLASECRET.COM webpage and discovered this "strange" and almost unknown source of free energy.

But I need some advice from you, the experienced people.
Happens that I am interested in buying the e-book the site offers, but there are a couple statements (within many others) on the salespage that seriously make me doubt about if they are a scam or not:

First, they say that anyone following the "step by step" instructions contained in the ebook can easily go "off the grid", with a few bucks, becoming totally independant from the electricity company. (mmm...), even without NO electrical knowledge at all.

And second, they say that the "device" is so small and portable, that you can take it with you for camping and feed a refrigerator or tv with it, even in the top of a remote mountain (mmmmm 2...)

These ideas obviously fascinated me, but based on what I am reading here and there, Im now becoming a bit exceptic.

Other page somehow similar to the one I told above is TESLASECRET.COM
Is one better than the other?

Some advice and oppinions?
Thanks buddies!!
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