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NFG x 2. It's like a maze! We'll have to live with it I suppose.

I hope Eric is able to find this thread and is able to continue his wisdom. All great wisdom at all great points in time consists of assumption. Like all good languages - at least ones that can effectively convey complex ideas. Interestingly language always lags behind engineering! Or a suitable collections of assumptions descriptions and definitions of suitably complexity do not yet exist, and it is the observations themselves which lay foundation for justification of language and it's evolution as an art.

Here is something I put together on the subject of Atomic Orbits, derived Electrons and the difference between perpetual atomic motion current, and non perpetual non atomic electron motion current, and what causes it to stop spinning that doesn't at the atomic way, and how we might be able to build a spinning flywheel akin to the Dollard/Tesla Magnifier that is able to contain the energy and conduct it in the same was as the endless rotations of electrons. If this is not in vain we are talking about a permanent magnetic AC source that can indefinitely rotate, in fact accelerate, and drive any apparatus at any voltage, anywhere.

The Perpetual Atomic Force & Batteries and more

I have created a separate thread to reduce confusion, but this work is critical to the understanding of counter space and 4 quadrant theory. As this effect is capable of lagging in time and in constant in the same way that the radiant mind is able to lead ahead of language, we find a wonderful mechanical demonstration where the magnetic field can lag in quadrature to the movement of armature, causing an assymetrical field akin to the electron, and in turn creating a 500KVA device the size of a small workbench that is capable of stretching magnetic weak forces in the 1000 Ampere range, apparently out of nowhere, or at least from the same place that the smaller atom is able to "conserve" it's energy and in the large version we see - in this case in much greater numbers:

1) Energy is not conserved, it's either radiated or absorbed by atoms depending on their synchonous rotation.

2. The small atom and the large 500KVA atom-shape design has it's Energy is conserved indefinitely by indefinite reflections that triangulate around the apparatus. The losses are minimal.

A 3rd option exists:

1) The output gains of a T.M.T are used to accelerate the armature motion so that they reach an atomic point of synchronous interaction that the same constants and lead and lag times no longer apply. Or rather at some point fluids and gases may self-order beyond the range that is readily observable today, in the same way that the Sun may generate Electrostatic and it may in fact be the rotation of the particles atom's at the diffraction layer of the atom that is generating the photonic disruption we call sunlight- a fluorescent tube of gas or mass this is akin to, under a pressure - all of which can be found inside the earth's ionosphere.

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