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a recap

hello grace and everyone,
well i have experienced release of tension from the muscles around my spine, tis is amazing.....unexpected in my life time for sure, and wow...and like my last post, emotional releasing in areas as well that i wasn't sure was ever possible for me after all the personal work i have done in my life...i expect more to come. grace did some work with my son to, but he is pretty moody as it is that i am not sure what the effects are yet, although he wasn't trying to come home from school yesterday, after a weekend of isolation and not feeling well...and i put it this way, cuz he's very often manifested many physical symtoms and makes himself not feel perhaps he has found some acceptance....i really am unsure at this point though.
hey grace, what you do is amazing ...ok yes i am worthy, you have been given a gift and it is a beautiful thing that you are willing to give so freely...that can also be a rare gift...although i know you expressed how you are gaining so much from giving it away. don't ever loose that hey
since we conversed i have found that i have had the pain and tension move from my left hip to my right hip, and in my right shoulder.....and now my back has been spasming, and i am icing and heating in intervals...SIGH...thanks so much.....and if you get a chance (only asking cuz you did want to know where things shifted to) if you get a chance, the muscles in my lower abdomen, which connect to my hips and then they connect to my legs...YA, i have always had alot of tension there to. thanks..
for anyone else...i have had so much tension in my back , legs, abdomen, hips,shoulders and chest that it has left me crippled and unable to walk...and when i could walk (barely) i could barely has been an exhausting 20 yrs...been experiencing pain and tension since i was 10, and this is god sent that i came across a place where i could experience this healing...and it is so freely given with love, cuz we are all worth it....
Looking forward to the prosperity and abundance to come in my life...for today ice and heat and LOTS of breathing and stretching....PEACE....and the flip side of this day (meaning the gratitude) is that i get to do self care and meditate and be gentle with myself...more than usual..hehe
LOVE AND GRATITUDE GRACIE....and plenty of love and light to the rest.....cheers...Adrienne
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