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conference and motor

Stefan, I can probably post some video "trailers" but all the raw footage is being processed. I won't have anything for a while. It isn't all about making money, I said everyone that paid money to come isn't going to be abused by having it all posted for free.

mbrown, the motor was part of a video presentation. The speaker explained simply what he did. It has zero back emf, it has a lot of torque, the speed can be increased without increasing voltage - instead the circuit increases the switching speed. It is both attraction and repulsion that is pulling the rotor around. His switching mechanism is proprietary but anyone should be able to apply the principles. The switch is brilliant and switches in nanoseconds. I've seen this motor myself - it exists. You'll see what it looks like in the video.

More importantly, he shares some very basic principles that anyone can apply. There are a couple experiments anyone can do that indisputably proves that magnetism is energy or imparts energy. Many of us here already believe this but there is one experiment that will beat any skeptical physicist, engineer, etc... 100% of the time. He was thrown out of a few universities for demonstrating this but it absolutely cannot be argued.

He really is a master of magnetics. His company developed many things. Including a transformer that can lower energy costs for industrial lighting lighting kilowatts of tubes while the core stays cold - removing virtually all magnetic losses (no hysteresis). All his products are the top in the world for their own category.

His work will make it easier for people to understand what to do instead of having to learn complex theories that hardly anyone understands. And, it is all with very elementary principles that non-engineers can get. You really know who gets it when they can explain it in simple terms that anyone can understand.

Also, there are windows of opportunity even in conventional simulator programs that will demonstrate very high COP electromagnetic reaction motors. It isn't a glitch, all the conventional math, etc... actually allows for it. That is what is so surprising. Anyone that says different is spreading disinformation. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Some are complex and some are simple. I prefer the simple.

More coming soon...
Aaron Murakami

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