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The Eric Dollare replication experiments -progress

Originally Posted by Wicaksono View Post
Hello Mr. McKay, is there any progress with replication of eric dollard's experiment ? Have you got all materials ? Thanks.

Dear Wicaksono,

Thanks for your interest. I have been busy with preparations for the Bedini-Lindemann Conference. I had to learn how to do Power Point for a 74 slide show. The lecture ran 1 hour and 20 minutes and I had to leave out about half of the juicy stuff. Afterwards I had an impromptu discussion on the Gray hard ware. About 20 people stayed for an additional half hour (waiting for the lunch line to shorten). I think it went pretty well for a first time speech. At least I got a few laughs from some of the jokes I embedded in the slides.

Now, I can get back to doing the important work. The only problem is that this time of year my wife lays claim on my body for the outdoor seasonal household chores.

I have just about all of the parts needed for a first run. Mr. Dollard says he used Teflon coated coax, which is available for $2 a foot and I need 100'. I have Teflon-silver #16 AWG stranded and I'm going to use this first. I need to build the Antenna/Transformer structure as well as the loading coil.

I shall keep you all posted

Mark McKay
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