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I spent one year as a spiritual writer, since I was in a position to share. I am done with that, but I decided to make an effort to semi-aggressively share for 3 months...starting July 1.

Edgar Cayce provided us with the truth about our souls and our purpose, so I wrote my 5 books beginning with the first one about him and the concepts I offer above. He proved them daily, for 40 years, to anyone interested. He did not promote any religion, and suggested we choose ourselves, as that choice is not important. Love thy God and thy neighbor as thyself is all religion has to offer that is really important.

My first freeEbook is 40 pages and explains the story and evidence provided by Cayce, the three consciousnesses...conscious, subconscious, and superconscious...which is similar to Freud's ego, superego, and id. And how magnetism/electricty/gravity are why we are here, which is vibration of particles.

Our benefactor, the source...God...has no vibration. This dimension we are in is dominated by negative charge/vibration. When the soul (purely positive initially) is incarnated, a negative charge attaches to balance the charge. Our world seems to always try to achieve balance...that is the law of attraction. This negative charge manifests itself as ego, as our society cultivates ego. So, we have a delusion...which is a reflection of truth. The reflection fools us into thinking our bodies are who we are. When the reality is our bodies are what we are. The soul is who we are, and the "what" is temporary.

So, as we live the reflection, we fool ourselves and increase the vibration of our soul. The closest link to our souls, our common sense, tries to lead us to truth, but we have society bringing us down. Our life was designed to have the Act Of Giving, which is tutoring from an enlightened soul. We are currently abandoned by these souls. This is due to the next longterm goal.

Our true purpose is to lower the vibration before we die, so we may stay on the path of light and go beyond Home Sweet Hell, and reach Heaven. But, we don't know that. There is a reason. This world is dominated by souls reincarnated from Hell. The Origins Of Truth are right before our eyes, so we can show exactly what and who we the entire universe.

The akashic record is the "book of life". Science has shown that all microscopic particles retain a permanent record of everything that influences them. This allows us to record our life upon the fabric of time, matter, space, and the fabric of the universe...actually, our akashic record is a video that runs all around us as we are not on the path of light. Once we reach heaven...or just stay upon the light...the video ceases. But we, or any soul, can access it at any time.

There is no urgency in this life unless you are on your true path. Common sense will remind you almost daily of what your truth is. Not everyone is here to share, heal, give, or teach. Most are here to have a few last we are going into a new age of mankind. If we study history we will either see or not see Atlantis. We will either see or not see the Mayan empire...PumaPunku...etc. Our history was once a time of unification of souls, similar to Heaven...but we could not maintain the Act Of Giving for more than maybe 25,000 years.

I can only speculate as to what our longterm goals are, as the soul cannot remember anything of the other dimension. To have an enlightened society, we have no real this is just a test. I just cannot remember what that test is.

I remember that it is no big deal, as everything will be fine...but I do not remember if fine relates to me, or a lot of souls, or all of mankind...or what. I do know how to lower vibration though. I follow my common sense, which is how I wrote. I wrote my autobiography so that those truly empowered souls could see if I am a nutcase or at least offer some insight into how I found my common sense. Why now, at this time...dunno. Does it matter? Only if a person chooses to:

Discover reality
Deny the ego
Manufacture FAITH
Forgive yourself
Love your adversaries

That way you define your self. Who are you? You have the chance to shine or to flounder. Do you care? Remember...the reflection. The reflection fools us into thinking our bodies are who we are. When the reality is our bodies are what we are. The soul is who we are. Do you care?

To lower vibration, find Faith, Forgiveness, Love. Seek truth to understand what I am saying. Want clarity? Figure it out. Where is your self-worth invested?

Wade Welch Deal Or No Deal
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