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Ernst Guillemin Books

Originally Posted by Raui View Post
Thanks for the heads up. Maybe I will try another avenue then. I wish I could tell you a bit more about the book but I haven't gotten around to reading it. Hopefully by the end of the holidays I will have started it. That is unless I can get a copy of Communications Networks before because I do really want to check that book out. I haven't seen the Tez thesis before but looking at it now it looks like you're right - it's a treasure trove. I'll wait til I've had time to read it a bit more to further comment on it though.



Don't let me discourage you in building the reluctance motor, I only wanted to let you know that it wasn't as easy to do as I first thought it would.

On another note, I have Ernst Guillemin's Communication Networks Vol 2 (book), Theory of Linear Physical Systems (book), Mathematics of Circuit Analysis (.pdf) and access to his Introductory Circuit Theory (online only book) Via HathiTrust.

So if you know of any chapters you would like for reading let me know and I will scan them in for you.

Garrett M

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