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Originally Posted by Farmhand View Post

No one need be concerned about me posting any more because unless I am
written about in a way I don't like I have no intention of posting any further.

There was good reason why the other thread was closed, in attempt seal off the leak before the ‘sh##’ spread out of control, so why bring it up again and let it pollute here too? Granted, you have the right to reply, but is it really necessary?

Mr Farmhand while you and T-Rex have not quite seen eye to eye from the beginning due to reasons of ego and misunderstanding mostly, however I don’t believe that you are the real enemy here Farmhand. You do have things of value to offer here, so don’t run off in a huff just because you might be bitten now and then.

I think you are slightly over-reacting to T-Rex’s comment in the other deplorable thread. His comment was an analogy, you know that and I doubt you really took offense by it. (It was rough but accurate). It was brought on by his anger directed at those provoking with sharp sticks. You also dared to bite back at the T-Rex, (to perhaps get even)? It seemed T-Rex though, even gave you a back-handed compliment to your reply. So just let it be.

Some of the Shills and Antagonists were exposed which was useful. So let’s just let it rest, seal it off and let’s move on without the pollution being spread here too.

Tesla coils are dangerous, (or can be) and the teachings here are also dangerous if the implications are fully understood. A proper understanding of Tesla & his technology may lead to the betterment of humanity which is true, but everything can be twisted & turned into a weapon, as man tends to do. The Death Ray for example is something that would certainly be ‘Classified’ as dangerous.


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