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Eric's filth

Since I can't reply to this where it was written and it is still there I will reply to
it here.

1) Great response from Farmhand, but do not flatter yourself. My portrayal was directed more towards the free energy secrets guys. In your case I would depict a farm hand engaging in the sodomizing of sheep. An age old practice, but worse things have been known to happen in San Francisco. As far as methyl ether #84, such invertebrae usually do not warrant notice unless you see them squirming in your dogs fecal matter.
I'm not trying to flatter myself, I am a learner when it comes to electronics
but I am proficient at many other things. There is more to life than coils.
Your other comments there show your sickness.

2) Remember your TMT replication? Well now that I made it replicable where did you go? What was your real intent anyway? A little pud that gets all puffed up if told what to do, na na ny na na!
My TMT "replication" was always meant to be a tongue in cheek amateur
crack at it. I never claimed to know anything much, I was experimenting.
The way the title of the thread was written should have been an indicator.
I'm not little either I'm 6 feet tall, and no one tells me what to do unless they
can physically force me or use weapons. I am a human of planet Earth and
my rights are inalienable.

3) My efforts here are on this forum are a unique combination of masturbation and prostitution. It has helped me greatly in restoring my car back to "A" status. For your info I was put here on this forum to be a nemesis by someone who spent too much money on Lindemann's Free Energy Secrets. Lindemann is a serpent from the same ilk as Bearden. He steals the work of others, like robbing the nests of birds.
Fair enough. You don't eat eggs then.

4) What I have done on this forum is salvage the works of the masters from the dumpster and presented them in a simplified manner. It is however that no one here can change a car battery, let alone understand Tesla or his contemporaries. I have been told, "casting pearls to swine", but in reality I have put these works back in public view to be reserved for future non-digitized humans. Little presented here has been my own ideas, but is the words of the masters.
Lot's of people can change car batteries, don't be fooled by your own level of
multiskilling. Myself I was racing cars at 15 with mostly my own money and I
was able to modify the cars and do a lot of the maintenance myself also.

5) But in a certain sense what I am doing is handing a gun to a monkey, a dangerous act. (See photo of monkey with gun here: )
Don't flatter yourself, people are dangerous enough all by themselves. And
there is nothing extra dangerous about a Tesla Coil, unless of course one can
afford or build the 10 kW power supply needed to make it really dangerous.
There are many dangers in life, a crane driver almost dropped a rail wagon
on me once. Please explain how will someone go on a kill spree with a Tesla coil ?

So in about a month I will be on the back side of the fence again, "what ever happened to Eric Dollard." Lucifer Lightship's Vassilatos debunked has shown me the sheer futility of operating in a public forum. It will end and the circle jerk can carry on without any teeth marks from T-Rex. I have finished my service to the silent majority, and nature will take its course. Thank you Aaron.
Thank you oh great one.

In case you didn't notice I have never tried to dispute your work, I just defend my right to do my things, my way, in my time.

No one need be concerned about me posting any more because unless I am
written about in a way I don't like I have no intention of posting any further.


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