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The Magic

The Magic

Our world is ripe with extravagant and wild energies that make everything come alive. We take all of it for granted as our focus is on much less fantastic routines that allow us to make our lives important. Let's take a look around us and see what the word truth is all about.

We have electricity. It is something we seldom consider. It is a product of what all matter is composed of...the atom. Tremendous forces keep protons and neutrons packed together while electrons fly around wildly. These electrons are unstable while the nucleus is stable, and the electrons actually jump from atom to atom, releasing power.

We have gravity, which is the same as the force that atoms retain within the nucleus. We can take a microscope and see that the particles that make up atoms are themselves made of sub-particles. We have planets that orbit around the sun. We just label it as a wonder of God and move on to the more important things...our hairstyles.

Science is the proof of our existence, but what is science. It is the same overall force that binds our souls in a different dimension. That is because science is THE wonder of God. Science defines all aspects of humanity. If we want to know who and what we are, all we have to do is use basic math. We must add the science component with all other aspects of our reality.

Spirituality is in our mind. It is our consciousness as we realize that we have a purpose in life. We wonder why we are in this world but we cannot get beyond our daily routines. It is so bad that we give up spirituality except for a routine that is just a token to help us fit into we can make it easier to enjoy our focus on ourselves.

When something happens that allows us to learn about truth, we have no incentive to care. There is a reason why we don't care. We know that we should, but we really don't. We get no instant rewards and no one else actually cares either. Yet, for no good reason, we suffer. We can find something to file the suffering away, but someone else reminds us that we have our suffering awaiting us at some point in the future.

So, here we are. You are reading this and you know you are wasting your time. You would rather get back to your routine. And all this time we have electricity blasting away, gravity holding us on Earth, and an assortment of obvious truths knocking us on the head every day. And truth is offered to you, yes you, every day. But something is holding you back.

Here it is. You are living on this planet because some very important conscious being made it so. You are here to utilize the components of electricity to reach a goal established by our benefactor. You are given common sense, which is the closest link to your soul. You are given multiple opportunities to slowly get it there is a simple reason why we have a difficult time with our quest.

We cannot remember our past...when we move from one dimension to this one. The components of electricity are dominated by a tremendous negative charge. This charge is why we are harness it and change our soul, but we cannot remember why we are here. The negative charge makes it impossible to retain memories, plus we are incarnated, and have to begin as an infant.

As we mature, we are taught by people who are successful in this realm, using their power...which is the result of the negative charge. They live within a delusion, as the charge attaches to our soul which is contained in our consciousness. This attachment is ego, and is the opposite of it must be easily understood by now. Even though our common sense tells us to seek truth, our ego has control.

So, our religions are a token to help us fit into society and cultivate our ego, as our leaders are monitoring. It is so simple to control an egoic society in a negatively charged world. Even when someone has offered the exact truth, we deny it. We are consumed by our ego and move toward our inevitable result...despair. Because one day we will know truth, and it will result in we will discover we are totally wrong, and have wasted our time.

And all along it was all about our true self, our soul. And vibration, which is the definition of charges in this dimension. And our common sense, which we deny. And our ego, which is all we care about. The ego tells us we are good, and special, and lies are quite tasty. And all along truth is right before our eyes.

So, when it is your time, leave this body and discover that you cannot stay on the path of light leading to Heaven...because your soul is vibrating due to the ego's negative charge that is attached. And your soul will get kicked off the light and you will be in the darkness that surrounds it...Hell. Hell is the waiting room while you cling to the ego's vibration and then you are again, incarnated.

We are dominated by reincarnated souls from Hell...vibrating wildly and cultivating lies...while they condemn truth and all those who try to help. And all you had to do was seek truth. Here is the order of purpose:

Discover reality
Deny the ego
Manufacture FAITH
Forgive yourself
Love your adversaries

Google Wade Welch Deal Or No Deal for all of the truth.
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