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Originally Posted by David G Dawson View Post
Am familiar with the 3db point, Half Power point, 70.7% and all to do with 'Q' and the narrower the Delta is below, the better.

Did that exercise on my Extra Coil #1 and here are the results:

Carrier AM Radio Station = 1557 Khz
F Carrier = 2443 Khz (pi/2*1557 = 2446 - Multiply)
F LSB = 2423
F USB = 2458
Delta = 35 Hertz
35/2443 = 1/0.014326647 = 69.8

I am unable to see how you achieve a figure say of 130 after looking at the other's charts on their Secondaries and using you above Math.

Will be doing the Secondary tomorrow with the ring as you say that is the base for the Telluric involvement.

Your comments on those figures please with reference to your experience.

It's not clear what you're doing here. Are you using a signal generator? And if so at what frequency? You should do a frequency sweep of the coil, and then take the 70.7% value of the peaks to find the magnification factor.

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