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Hey ZPE...

Originally Posted by ZeropointEnergy View Post
Hey Ufo,

I wish to 100% understand Tesla's legacy of Asymmetrical Motors other than independant circuits for the coil pairs.

IMHO I honestly see the inbalance between the pairs of coils is what Tesla alludes to in Patent # 524,426.
I know you do not agree with my analogy but maybe is the same thing in a different terminology.

Still looking forward to your YouTube clip to confirm or squash my theories


Hello again ZPE!

Not talking about the Light Show now...

It is not that I do, or do not agree with your theory of unbalance between pairs of Coils...but that I really do not understand what you mean by unbalancing them... ...They are equally built at rotors-armatures (therefore, MUST BE) of equal values, winds and wire type...Maybe you are referring to "Electromagnetically" unbalance them?...or is it Electrically?

I will tell you that making them "INDEPENDENT" and in SETS of PAIRS, or GROUPS of SETS OF PAIRS...makes a good 80-90% of the whole secret and success...This fact allows you to "SHARE" (Interconnect) Coils between Generators and Motors simultaneously within just ONE EMBODIMENT, by using their "respectively determined and designed "idle time" of either one...
Now the way to structure them, the ways to turn them On or Off...could vary as our great Electronics advanced tech will allows Us to employ...or by means of old mechanical switches (Commutators or/and Continuous-and Non Continuous Slip Rings Contacts) like Tesla did back in the 1800's...

Be patient...We will break the Spell from the Witch soon...


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