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update on Grace's help

I just wanted to post a couple new developments....Grace has been working on my daughters, and myself. What has gone on with my one daughter is she deceided she was going to sleep in the basement bedroom alone....her words were "she was going to face her fears!" she seemed quite excited and I didn't hear a peep out of her all night. This is a huge step being as she doesn't even like going downstairs by herself.

As for myself, I feel more calm, and although my back is still tender it has improved.

I will post anything else I notice....Grace I did send you a private message, am not sure if you received it....i also tried sending by skype, but I don't think I have that thing working right....maybe we could just converse by e-mail?

I am all for a mass correction from Grace for LSR, in another post Kevin said it is for people who have shown NO results....I have had great results from all of them except the shed I don't know if I would qualify for using the new module...he said it is going to be very uncomfortable.

Thanks so much Grace
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