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Nice work Garrett! I think my vacuum cleaner is on it's way out so when my parents give me the OK I will open her up and pillage her alternator to see if I can replicate your results You mentioned books on non-linear oscillation, I happen to have a copy of Chihiro Hayashi's Nonlinear Oscillations in Physical Systems. Not sure if you're getting that book already or not but if you want I could photocopy some sections which you find important. Here is a photocopy of the contents pages.

I have been able to get a small amount of funds (and by small I mean very small) and was going to use this to start to make a TMT scale-model so I could participate in the crystal radio initiative. The radio station I am going to build for is on 1,233 kc per sec. I want to make sure I am getting the math correct however and have found something in the math that I believe maybe in error, this may have been pointed out before and if so then I apologize.

The secondary coil length is given as l_s = c/(2*Pi*F) and I've been thinking that there has to be some significance that it's w. I couldn't think of any and one comment of Eric's makes me believe this is in error. He mentions that the secondary coil needs to be pi/2 shorter and the extra needs to be pi/2 longer than c/f. So in my mind the length of the secondary should be given as 2C/Pi*F since you want it to be 1/pi/2 the size of the electromagnetic wave length or 2/pi. This makes sense because the extra coil length was given as pi squared on 4 the length of the secondary. One multiplication of pi/2 would bring you back to c/F and the next would bring you to pi/2 bigger than c/f. If it were c/2*pi*f and you multiply by pi squared on 4 you'd be left with pi/8 which is not pi/2 larger than c/f. I know that people have been getting some degree of resonance though so I might be wrong. Can someone help either clear up my understanding or tell me that I'm making sense :P

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