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Sheep; Vassilatos Bunk

1) Great response from Farmhand, but do not flatter yourself. My portrayal was directed more towards the free energy secrets guys. In your case I would depict a farm hand engaging in the sodomizing of sheep. An age old practice, but worse things have been known to happen in San Francisco. As far as methyl ether #84, such invertebrae usually do not warrant notice unless you see them squirming in your dogs fecal matter.

2) Remember your TMT replication? Well now that I made it replicable where did you go? What was your real intent anyway? A little pud that gets all puffed up if told what to do, na na ny na na!

3) My efforts here are on this forum are a unique combination of masturbation and prostitution. It has helped me greatly in restoring my car back to "A" status. For your info I was put here on this forum to be a nemesis by someone who spent too much money on Lindemann's Free Energy Secrets. Lindemann is a serpent from the same ilk as Bearden. He steals the work of others, like robbing the nests of birds.

4) What I have done on this forum is salvage the works of the masters from the dumpster and presented them in a simplified manner. It is however that no one here can change a car battery, let alone understand Tesla or his contemporaries. I have been told, "casting pearls to swine", but in reality I have put these works back in public view to be reserved for future non-digitized humans. Little presented here has been my own ideas, but is the words of the masters.

5) But in a certain sense what I am doing is handing a gun to a monkey, a dangerous act. (See photo of monkey with gun here: The American Ruling Class )

So in about a month I will be on the back side of the fence again, "what ever happened to Eric Dollard." Lucifer Lightship's Vassilatos debunked has shown me the sheer futility of operating in a public forum. It will end and the circle jerk can carry on without any teeth marks from T-Rex. I have finished my service to the silent majority, and nature will take its course. Thank you Aaron.


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