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This was just to get the pulse effect on the batteries to know that there was time to gain the recharge effect. Putting the pulse motor in tells me where the stop / start/ happens.
The bad part of this arrangement is the bigger razor motor does not turn. You can hear it click faintly so it does complete the circuit. Substitute another PC fan for the Razor and it will turn. I also tried a much larger AC motor and it will also complete the circuit but will not turn.
I next added a common Radio Shack 12V transformer between the Bedini Fan and A1. I connected the 2 yellow wires for 12V (black unconnected). I took the 2 black wires from the AC side and put them on a standard 120AC to 12VDC wall wart. It gave 2.8 volts on the DC side and will strobe an LED.
I wasn't sure if my Bedini could take 24V so I started with the 2B system. It will take the 3B system so I'm going to play some more. I'm not sure if it's practical for anything yet though.
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