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Hey Garrett,

Recently, I purchased a digital storage oscilloscope that has waveform math functions and an xy display for use in determining the BH curve of the material in use. With this new equipment, it is much easier to determine what is going on in the circuit. I have revisited harmonic modulation and have been able to get some really good looking waveforms. However, I'm going out of town for a few days and won't be able to get anything posted on it until I get back. The only suggestion that I have to experimenters is to use a material with a highly square hysteresis loop and the power windings must be of a high magnification factor(ratio of energy stored to energy dissipated).

Good luck,


P.S. Thanks for always taking the time to post everything in a very clear and organized manner. I don't have that kind of patience unless somebody is asking me for clarification.
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