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Extra Coil Math

Eric doesn't have anybody to type for him in his current location so he asked me to tell you, David Dawson, that you are really driving him nuts with your "Multiply". In the post above, Eric acknowledges that you have achieved the Tandem mode of resonance. However, he is trying to push people towards the Concatenated mode of resonance.

How many of you coil builders have seen results from the originally prescribed formulae by Eric? How many of you have seen results from Mr. Dawson's formulae?

David, is it possible that because the concatenated mode of resonance has a higher magnification factor and that you were not able to get the secondary and the extra coil into a strong resonance, therefore no results? I am with dR-Green in the plea that you make diagrams so we can all see what you are talking about. No offense, but a lot of what you post is very ambiguous to me sometimes and hard to tell exactly what your point is. Please use diagrams in conjunction with your numbers. It will help clear up this confusion. Photobucket is free and it is what I use for all of the LaTeX equations and pictures in the T-Rex posts.

End of Quote.

Eric has supplied all the drawings required and I cannot improve on those.
My last two Posts told you clearly and distinctly what is different and no drawing is going to help there.
Now all of a sudden we have a new mode of resonance, 'Tandem' as against your 'Concatenated' and you now have some explaining to do and why did you not do this on day one?
Why is it that what I propose models Tesla's down to a 'T' and yours doesn't and that makes me wrong by having this new 'Tandem' resonance.

Excuse my ignorance but you now have some explaining to do.
I do NOT and have NOT made any claims in mastering anything.
I am simply pointing out that my method follows Teslas where yours doesn't.

So now you are saying that Tesla's TMT was a 'Tandem' resonance device and not a 'Concatenated' one?

Why is your Extra Coil so different to Teslas where you do not have the same length as he was using for both Secondary and Extra and you have a reason that you have 'mastered a better system' which I built and does not work.

Time Eric you sat down calmly and read what was being presented before your very eyes and wake up to your own confused references as I have pointed out above.

Nobody has bothered themselves to build using my method, just queries and excuses so why ask a stupid question?
When you have a person who you believe to be God, why would you want to hear from anybody else?

I would like to know the difference between 'Tandem' and 'Concatenated'.