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Yes, agree..ZPE

Originally Posted by ZeropointEnergy View Post
Is sad that Tesla's dream was crushed by the industial complex that he enabled to vastly increase their empires.
Being very bitter in this quote is understandable and is cruel fate that he did not implement PURE Radiant devices before his well known, still used AC motors/generators.


Hello ZPE,

It is indeed sad...however, Tesla's legacy to our world will re create the Asymmetrical School of Engineering back again, and this time stronger than before, applying all the state of the art tech available now days.
Of this statement above I love the final paragraph, which is the one we belong now to take into effect and make it a reality.

After all this black and gray clouds are over and will come the "Judgement Days"...passing for all the required ridiculization, condemned and combated to exhaustion on our side.


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