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a simple exercise of curiosity for you to start with :

if you have a stuff in your pocket / bag / table ... pull them out and ask yourself this .... what do you know about what is in your hand .... its origins .... creation .... why / how / when .... .... and if you can't answer that .... then learn about it ....those futile things in your pocket

and remember .... nothing is at random in the Grand Scheme of Life

99. When your power increases, decrease your desires accordingly.

you know ever since i tasted the sweet nectar of knowledge and discovery .... material object took on a different hue .... they are just tools to acquire more knowledge and experience ..... until you move on to the next stage were you won't need more

Nature will do the rest .... if you are reading this .... then you know she already has

the above statement is just an observation
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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