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Originally Posted by balkanac View Post
Does anyone can explain me how to build this, and what materials and parts i need, and are there someone was building this before ? ! And did you maybe know something about Tesla Black Box, i just cant understand how is possible to drive a car in 1931 with 120 kmph, and 80 horse powers el .motor, with using radiant energy ? or what, still big mistery, America fuuck us all !
Here is a quick quote from this web site here - Tesla's Electric Car

"Nikola Tesla had an Electric Pierce Arrow back in 1930, the ICE engine was replaced with an Electric Motor. The power source was a black box of radio tubes, in the glove compartment. The box had an antenna sticking out. Tesla would fool with some tuners and tune in the right frequency and got 240 volts delivered through the air to his car. The car ran almost silent. He had the car stashed in a barn near Niagara Falls. He was sending the energy from the Power Plant, some how. He said this power could be made possible for everyone. J.P. Morgan did not like the idea, because where do you put the meter? Morgan stopped funding and Tesla's Wardencliffe Tower was destroyed & taken down. Tesla sent a particle beam to the stratosphere and down to Siberia. soon after he leveled an estimated 60 million trees over 2,150 square kilometers, felling them radial outward from the blast center in Tunguska, Siberia, Russia in June of 1908. The tower would have made war obsolete. We were denied this FREE power and NO MORE WAR machine. We were denied the privilege, instead we get wars over false flag operations with so called pilot terrorists with no weapons of MD. Now we pay for gas & get to breath un-natural SMOG from burning dirty hydro-carbons along with 13 bad to breathe chemicals, know to cause cancer. We could be driving our cars with water as the gas, and steam in the tail pipes"

Also seems Thomas Henry Morray mastered this device.

Thomas Henry Moray: The Sea of Energy ~ Excerpts of technical factoids & illustrations of the Moray Radiant Energy Receiver

"During the Christmas Holidays of 1911, I began to fully realize that the energy I was working with was not of a static nature, but of an oscillating nature. Further I realized that the energy was not coming out of the earth, but instead was coming to the earth from some outside source. These electrical oscillations in the form of waves were not simple oscillations, but were surgings --- like the waves of the sea --- coming to the earth continually, more in the daytime than at night, but always coming in vibrations from the reservoir of colossal energy out there in space.

[p. 111 ] The device was housed in a wooden box something like 12" by 18", with an antenna and a ground going into it. Wires leading out of the box led to a bank of some forty 100-watt light globes and to an electric iron. My uncle touched a switch at the top of the box with a hand electrostatic plate and the globes all lighted brilliantly. We all noted that the bulbs burned cold except each had a hot spot about the size of a dime on the top slightly off center. I also recall that I could turn the lights on and off by approaching and retreating to and from the device, either with my whole body or my hand. If my memory is clear, the machine had to be tuned with a dial to be placed in this condition. [Chester M. Todd, March 19, 1971]

Also he had an affidavit filed on his website here

The bold part reminds me a lot of Dr. Stiffler and the Tesla Coil circuits. Seems like the Tesla car was powered by his Tesla Coil or Magnifier from Niagara Falls and Morray tapped into the Radiant energy just like a receiver for the Cosmo Radio Station. Anyways just my two cents, thanks for reading.
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