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Great minds think alike

Yes Im aware of the "reverse" JT method. I've found it really does improve it however, for reasons Im still figuring out, at my sweet spot on the machine, the potential is greater between the output and "GND tie" on the JT instead of the "Plus side".

However, on its own, when fed with a 9V battery, the Plus side gives the same result but with reduced current draw...


This is what I pictured in my mind from your first post. Very nice!

I tried something similar to this a while back but with a cap between the the genny coil and the JT. And a cap across a pot to the base of the JT. I've also added this to Dr Stiffler's ckt to charge back the primary w/o the genny of course - here, instead I used the two diodes to a cap. I posted a video some time back. It did not pan out as well for me, although I had little patience with it - LOL
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