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Originally Posted by radiant View Post
Perhaps I wasnt clear in my last post. The schematic I provided is a partial schematic. It is part of the larger picture of a 6 coil machine with the 7th coil (as shown the schematic on the left). The output of that 7th coil goes through a rectifier, which then feeds a JT circuit whose output is directly fed to the SOURCE battery. The charge battery is not shown here as it is not relevant to this circuit, as this circuit is designed to slot into the bedini ssg circuit as a direct replacement for the source battery.

I have this running and the open circuit voltage of the output is around 35V.

Just to be clear, the 7th coil is NOT part of the 6 coil system. It is out of phase by 30 degrees to the magnets on my flywheel.

This is not a trivial small pickup coil. This 7th coil is actually 1.5times larger than the other 6 six coils.

I will post some pictures soon. Im just neatening off the wiring to the transistors atm.
I'm looking forward for this experiment. Great.
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