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Adam ant I have an idea I want to run by you

Ok lets say that I want to make my own water trap. Should I get the strongest magnets I can? Here's my idea. Lets say that I get some powerful circle shape neo magnets and mount them on a piece of copper or PVC tube so that they are repelling (levetating) each other. I then have a funnel fed into the tube with the neo magnets and have the water or juice or wine or whatever liquid I'm trying to charge squirt into the funnel so that it creates a vortex as it goes down the funnel and into the tube. The tube and funnel will be supported above the cup. The pump will go and pick up liquid from the cup and squirt it into the funnel in a continuous loop. Will this work to charge the liquid? Or would it be better to have the magnets so that they are not repelling but sticking to one another? Do stronger magnets make a difference?
I want to make my own magnetic trap because I can't take apart the one I purchased, so If I ever tried charging anything in it but water I wouldn't be able to take it apart and clean it.
This may be a stupid question but how do you tell which end of a magnet is north and which end is south? A lot of the magnets you get are not labeled.
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