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Originally Posted by ZeropointEnergy View Post
Is there more other people other than, Dan Winter and Marko Rodin that has experimented with energy in spirals other than straight lines?.
For instance anyone posting here

Fist fights with Physicist PDF link asks a simple question. If water falls faster in a Tornado, Hurricane, Whirlpool than a rain drop in a straight line it only seems logical that electricity may. A Conical coil sounds like fun and was going to make it anyway.
I like the way you put that, very interesting.... Not I, yet, but you may have missed my post about Jay Harman earlier, his impellers and turbines are super efficient. It makes me actually wonder if he knows Walter Russell... maybe he just hasn't publicly admitted it yet... His one video starts with "Einstein says..." but maybe that's just so that people don't immediately write him off for stupid reasons.
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