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Originally Posted by Matthew Jones View Post

I completely did not add those traces. I apologize. I am glad you had enough sense to figure it out.

Have you had a chance to test the board and make sure everything is working?

Hi Matt

No I didn't test the board except that test I did to see if there is connection between the resisters and the terminal after I enlarge the hole for the terminal
But do you want me to do specific test ?because I don't have the experience to do test with power or I will blow the board which is cost me with the components 400$!!! And I am not familiar with the optocoupler or the dc-dc converter and I don't know what to do just waiting to wind the transformer while I wil get the 0.1mf 630v.
So if you want me to do any test please tell me what to do and I will do it .


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