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That it is!

Originally Posted by core2kx View Post

Thanks. That gives me some ideas to work with. My cores are CONSIDERABLY much smaller so I have no idea what the output is going to be. Always fun to find out

Hey Chris,

Other thing I have no placed much thought into is how the relationship of the pole pieces will effect the saturation of the coil and if my original idea to change the pole piece to include a 5mm bore hole was correct, Bedini's was solid core and stuck with that. I hope there is sufficient relaxation time in the coil to pump the bloch wall correctly, time will tell.

Was the first fine day in a week here and had many things to catch up on but will try made some time in the daylight to measure these 11 strands and wind the coils, at night is no issue about time but can only wind them during the day with the set up I use

I looked for a ratio to work out the ideal core size in relation to the magnetic field, but alas nothing other than simultaneous equations were found and not that interested

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