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Close to Dambit's

Originally Posted by core2kx View Post

What is the diameter of your rotor arm cores? Have you experimented with different sized cores for the coils?

Hey Chris,

I have not and at $300 for 2 I had made up, will find another machinist or buy a metal lathe myself

My pole pieces are close to Dambit's dimensions other than the 2mm increase either side of the coil to allow for the turns I calculated and thus had to decrease the centre of the pole piece to 25mm (from 29mm)

I have designed the housing with slots to allow for >50mm adjustments so I could ascertain the perfect distance and not guess where the field strength was ideal for maximum output. First idea was the use a 6mm gap.
Also, I did have it in my mind to change the dimensions of the pole pieces in the future and this allows for modifications.

P.S: 12mm inner section and 25mm outer section for the pole pieces


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