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Originally Posted by core2kx View Post

I have the Exceed RC Monster Power 110
MonsterPower 110 (295kv) Brushless Motor

as the motor I am going to try first. I have a servo tester to drive it because I didn't want to mess with a radio and all of the AA batteries to go with it just so I can spin the motor.

I think this motor is VERY much overkill but we will see how it goes. I fully intend to begin my testing with 10 full stacks. They are just ceramic C8 magnets from...wherever. There are 240 of them total.

I have to make some adjustments to the armatures and quite frankly I think that my cores of all-thread rod will not be thick enough. I have already come up with a replacement design but I want to test the machine as it is to get a frame-of-reference to start with. I don't want to start modifying the machine until I know where I am starting from.

I have a bench power supply on order and some other parts so I can remove the input power variable for tuning purposes. After I know what RPM works and the output that I am getting then I can introduce batteries. My plan is to run the machine on 24V to start with.

With all of the stacks being so close to each other I don't think high RPM is going to be the ticket with this. If this is actually the case then I can drop down in motor size and voltage required to run it. Again, we shall see. I hope to have some results here either this week or next week. It just depends on my work demands as to when I have enough time.

I know the drawings show a lot but they don't really convey the size of the machine.

The plates, or discs, are 30cm (12") in diameter. There are three total. The magnet area has the top and middle section which sandwich them all together. The bottom plate is the base-plate with the feet and is below the flywheel. Everything is pretty much aluminium that can be aluminium. Instead of going with the flywheel on top of the machine I want with the idea of a pancake style flywheel at the base of the machine so it wouldn't be top heavy.

The machine stands 43cm from the floor to the top plate. The magnet and armature area is 30.5cm in height. I am going to put together a list of parts and sizes to post so anyone that is interested can have it.

I love the work you and Dambit have been doing. It has actually inspired some of my designs. I figured it was time that I spoke up and tried to add something to the mix.


Hey Chris,

I looked into the servo tester after I had obtained the transmitter/reciever/ESC to run the BLDC motor and
with the servo tester it would be more practical with less parts and will have to make sure I order one.

That is a MONSTER Motor and that running on 2kW would be an amazing sight, looking forward to a future YouTube clip of that

I did not see the max voltage in the link but at 295kV I assume would be 24-36V max?

Also, have you made the blocks to hold the magnetic stacks and shape the horseshoe magnetic field from aluminum,
or are they to hold the steel blocks via these?

P.S: Thankyou for the kind words and you have inspired me to spend more time working over the KC over the next few weeks

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