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Hi Tony,

I would like to impose on you a question.

I have been viewing this video -

free energy T 01 - YouTube

and with the help of another forum member translating,
i am trying to understand - what is a "CAPTOR"

Quote -

Hi @penno64

It is a demonstration of Torian predecessor.

The inventor says:
"has 3 parts: primary motor (silver right) powered with permanent magnets and captor (sensor, black part of the medium, seems a coil)"
"secondary generator (blue left) and third the captor"

"the secondary generator has two parts: a generator up
and in the bottom one multi-pole generator, contactless, is a field generator"

"the captor has a widing"

"the captor power the primary motor, this power the generator, produces a -trans pole- to captor, and again..."

Hope this help


The thread is -

Kindest Regards, Penno
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