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Originally Posted by gsmsslsb View Post
OK I get it but I have a couple of questions.
1) in the above is the 60vdc and 22vac is the 22vac before the rectifier and the 60vdc after the rectifier???
2)What is the spark gap in the circuit diagram between the outer pipe and the rectifier.
All voltage measurements are made after the rectifier bridge, the one thing that can't be done with out a capacitor charging at the voltage out points is filter out the AC.
If I measure the AC voltage off the wire with no rectifier and only measure the inner wire with 120VAC on the inner cylinder the wire will measure 80VAC.

There is no spark gap, that was just a diagrammatic for where the wire vaporized.

I really want to have some predictable equations for what is happening here. lots of notes to sift thru and input then it's on to the differential calculus and clifford algebra.
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