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No more smoke signals

Originally Posted by SkyWatcher View Post
Hi folks, Hi harvester, yes, I am not using the 1n4148 diodes and I am just exchanging the 10uf capacitor for a 100uf.
I am using 6 resistors in parallel with that 100uf capacitor, 3-1kohm resistors in parallel and in series with another 3-1kohm in parallel, think they are 1/2 or 1 watt, so about 666 ohms total going into the main base diode, then I have 300 ohm resistors going to each transistor base.
Though all of those parts will be adjusted to your setup.
peace love light
Tyson, you're 'da man!!
Ripped out the extra diodes and 10,20k resistors and increased the base resistors to 330 Ohm.
Now, when the circuit pulls 1.67A, there is no more smoke from the variable resistor

Still need to fiddle around with the values though, as my window of tuning still is very very small - ~10deg turn on the variable resistor.
The open circuit voltage is 650V now and the frequency is low and horrible.
Only takes a minute or two to get a headache from
What frequency are you running?

Considering I have an air core, the magnetic field at the end of the coil is very strong!!
I stuck the coil to the metal casing - flat side - and now wander if that will influence the field.
Should I lay the coil into the housing, so that the magnetic field at the end of the coil cannot interact with the case that much?
How have you guys mounted yours?
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